Among our clients are:

Security technology

Commissioning via freehand scanner

Mobility aids supplier

Field sales application


Commissioning & delivery of goods to the customer

IT / Hardware

Commissioning & shipping of goods

Chemical industry

Warehousing & Logistics

Precious metal trading

App for B2B clients

Waste management

Disposal management apps

Industrial fittings

Mobile CRM, mobile product data acquisition in production


Mobile CRM, Inventory management & information about prices and items

Illuminated & metal parts

Quality assurance

Customs software

Mobile CRM

Wholesale bakery

Mobile warehousing, mobile production management, mobile CRM

Plumbing & heating

Mobile CRM

Specialist trade

Mobile CRM


Sales, inventory management, product data collection, commissioning of goods, goods receipt management, web shop

Tool trade

Mobile CRM

Mineral oil industry

Inventory management

Test probes and fixtures

Production and warehouse management

heating technology

Production & Logistics management

Timber industry

Warehouse management & commissioning of goods


Field sales application

Food industry

Store logistics & warehouse management

Metal processing industry

Service management application

Lighting solutions

Commissioning of goods

Painting tools

Field sales application

Food industry

Production management & product data collection

Textile industry

Commissioning of goods

construction and production

Warehouse, goods receipt, goods issue, picking, warehouse & inventory management

Construction industry

Mobile CRM & order intake, shipping management

Workplace furnishing

Mobile warehouse logistics for incoming goods, internal logistics, shipping, commissioning & inventory.

Measuring technology

Warehouse management, inventory, commissioning of goods & production management


Service management application & assembly

Technical insulation

Mobile CRM, order intake, logistics & printing of labels in production

Tool and mold construction

Retrieval of goods, logistics & identification of parts, purchase requisitions for small parts in warehouse

Construction Industry

Mobile CRM, field sales application, production management, warehousing & inventory



Energy management

Inventory management

Tool trade

CRM & order intake

Textile Industry

Commissioning of goods

Precious metal trading

Goods postings, management of storage locations, & commissioning

Specialized wholesale

Mobile CRM, order intake, monitoring of invoices & warehouse management

Sheet metal processing

Product data collection

Successful companies use engomo:

“What we like about engomo is the great flexibility – we can configure apps independently, there are no external costs for this, and we can map exactly what helps us in the functional areas."

Joachim Glass
ERP-manager, INGUN Prüfmittelbau GmbH

“With engomo, the field sales team can see immediately whether a particular product is in stock and what shipments we are expecting from Paul Mitchell, U.S.A.”

Noah Wild
CEO, Wild Beauty GmbH

“There is no other platform that is as easy to configurate as engomo on the market right now.”

Michael Flach
IT Director, Fredy’s AG

"With engomo's configuration platform, we have created a mobile representation of our sales processes exactly as they actually happen. This has helped to increase the efficiency of our sales operations considerably, and the field sales team is just thrilled to be working with the app."

Friedo Dehmer
CEO, tim tools-in-motion GmbH