flexibility + agility + adaptability = business success

Companies that provide short product life cycles and highly individualized products thrive. In the past, once business processes were defined, they would be carried out throughout the production after initial justification. Nowadays, successful businesses must be able to adapt their business processes to meet ever changing requirements and increasing complexity quickly and effectively.

Running a business is difficult for even the most experienced manager. it can be nearly impossible to keep track of everything that is going on with your business in a structured and efficient manner. However, it can be easier than a lot of people might think –  if you have powerful, individualized business apps that maximize productivity, support staffs and assist you in developing a stronger relationship with customers.

That's where engomo comes into play:  engomo’s low-code app development platform allows you to build highly individualized and adaptable apps complete with workflows in few days. The toolkit is easy-to-use and has various features for creating powerful, secure, enterprise-grade, workflow-based applications.

Key Benefits with engomo


Powerful low-code capabilities

engomo puts more power in the hands of business users and IT staff to build enterprise apps without the need for specialized IT skills.


Business apps in minutes with engomo’s straightforward app editor

engomo’s application editor allows you to create applications and integrate them with your existing back-end systems and data sources seamlessly unlike any other app development platform on the market.


Built-in functionalities

Even though engomo is extremely easy to use, it provides a wide range of app functions – from offline availability, integrated standard components such as maps, scanners, shopping carts to a variety of standard connectors to ERP systems and industrial facilities.


Apps with workflows

engomo’s app builder goes far beyond simple apps for forms or dashboards, but also provides features to manage very complex processes like production workflows, warehousing and quality control.

Advantages using engomo:

  • Build apps 5 to 10 times faster
  • Integrate with and expand your existing business apps.
  • Customize the way your apps look and function.
  • Deliver native and web apps on mobile devices and the web
  • Offer a sustainable solution for any business

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Successful companies use engomo:

“What we like about engomo is the great flexibility – we can configure apps independently, there are no external costs for this, and we can map exactly what helps us in the functional areas."

Joachim Glass
ERP-manager, INGUN Prüfmittelbau GmbH

“We really enjoy working with engomo. The engomo platform is ideal to implement standardized and individual mobile applications for our customers. We value the great expertise of the team, the prompt responses and the possibility to include our needs in the development roadmap.”

Erich Kern
CEO,  Polynorm Software AG

“With engomo, the field sales team can see immediately whether a particular product is in stock and what shipments we are expecting from Paul Mitchell, U.S.A.”

Noah Wild
CEO, Wild Beauty GmbH

“There is no other platform that is as easy to configurate as engomo on the market right now.”

Michael Flach
IT Director, Fredy’s AG

“With the help of engomo, we are able to increase competitiveness by improving respond time and flexibility.”

Christian Kohler
Manager Consulting Business, MAIT GmbH

"With engomo's configuration platform, we have created a mobile representation of our sales processes exactly as they actually happen. This has helped to increase the efficiency of our sales operations considerably, and the field sales team is just thrilled to be working with the app."

Friedo Dehmer
CEO, tim tools-in-motion GmbH

“We are very impressed by how easy it is to create mobile representations of customer-specified processes using the engomo toolkit. We also particularly value the close cooperation and the extensive support provided by engomo team.”

Jochen Halbe
CEO, abas Consulting GmbH

"With engomo, we are able to implement mobile solutions for our customers really quickly and easily. That's what makes partnership a pleasure!"

Jürg Danuser
Director of Software Development, PROFFIX Software AG