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Introducing: engomo, your drag&drop, low-code application platform.

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Flexibility is our promise.

Need an individual, adaptable and flexible mobile app for your business? engomo can help.

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Streamline your business processes

Reinvent your business processes with DIY apps using engomo’s low-code app development platform.

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Use Cases

Regardless the nature of your business, engomo offers apps for automizing your business processes.

Customer relationship management

Track customer data, customer interactions, billing, invoicing, appointments, inventory and more via mobile devices

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Production and manufacturing management

Manufacturing processes managed easily: shop floor control, BOM planning, quality control and maintenance

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Quality management

Automate document, training, supplier and audit management in a single end-to-end app solution

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Logistics management

Improve logistics management by manage order, inventory, warehouse and transport with apps built with engomo

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Field service management

Automate scheduling, real-time route planning, spare parts and contract management with mobile devices

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Reinventing your business, stay ahead of the game.

engomo can turn all of your business processes into easy-to-use apps.

Our clients profit from our expertise

More than 350 businesses rely on our low-code app platform to optimize their business outcomes across CRM, manufacturing, warehouse and logistics, service operations and many more.

Rehabilitation (Kopie)


Chemie (Kopie)

Lager & Logistik

Entsorgungswirtschaft (Kopie)

Mobile Dienstleistungsdokumentation

Industriearmaturen (Kopie)

Mobiles CRM, mobile BDE in der Produktion

Elektrotechnik (Kopie)

Sales, Inventur, BDE, Kommissionierung, Wareneingang, Webshop

Mineralölbranche (Kopie)


Prüftechnik (Kopie)

Produktionssteuerung und Lagermanagement

Lebensmittel (Kopie)

Filialprozesse & Logistik

Metallverarbeitung (Kopie)


Malerwerkzeuge (Kopie)


Mode (Kopie)

Waagenanbindung & –steuerung

Lebensmittel (Kopie)

Produktionssteuerung & BDE

Bauindustrie (Kopie)

Mobiles CRM & Auftragserfassung, Versandsteuerung

Messtechnik (Kopie)

Lagermanagement, Inventur & Kommissionierung

Produktion (Kopie)

Service und Montage

Bauindustrie (Kopie)

Mobiles CRM, Außendienst, Produktionssteuerung, Lager & Inventur

Energiemanagement (Kopie)


Friseurgroßhandel (Kopie)

Mobiles CRM, Auftragserfassung, Rechnungsüberwachung & Lagermanagement

engomo = flexibility

  • Access your ERP and other systems from any mobile device, from anywhere
  • Get highly adaptive, flexible apps to fit your need
  • Build your own apps with the engomo toolkit
  • Extend and customize existing apps any time

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