Apps created in engomo help you:

  • Optimize service calls
  • Boost service agent efficiency
  • Maximize customer satisfaction
  • Reduce workloads of service agents
  • Achieve seamless workflows with help of integration with your systems

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Possibilities with Customer Service and Technical Support apps:

View and edit service calls, and process feedbacks from a single platform on mobile devices

An all-in-one app that allows service agents to access and work on all client and service data at any time and from anywhere both online and offline.

Automated documentation on the go

Perfect support for automated documentation of all service calls, real-time data sharing between service agents and office staffs as well as signature collections from clients.

HERZOG Kälte-Klima – A Sucess Story

HERZOG Kälte-Klima has optimized its formerly paper-based service management workflows with an engomo app for its technical service staff.


HERZOG Kälte-Klima Anlagenbau GmbH is an Austrian family-owned company that specializes in the installation and maintenance of air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment for over 50 years. About one third of their workforce are in customer service and technical support.

Previously, service call and route planning, documentation of service calls as well as sharing data and information in customer service and technical support were managed manually. In consequence, service delays and errors were commonplace due to manual labor and data processing by hand. That led to a search for a system that would be easy to use and increase efficiency.


HERZOG turned to engomo for a customized, configurated app to streamline their customer service and technical support management. In cooperation with implementation partner Nittmann & Pekoll GmbH, engomo launched the app that is integrated with the existing ERP system and in use on Android tablets. With this app, the service agents can view details of their service and maintenance calls, retrieve client data and spare part information as well as document each service call. The app also offers support for data acquisition via embedded camera of tablets, automated reports for clients and invoicing support for the back office.


As a result, service agents are rid of paperwork. Transparency in end-to-end process helps agents and main office to minimize time delay and errors, and provides customers overviews of the services. Service agents can serve more clients by saving time in documenting service calls, filing reports, data acquisition and sharing. HERZOG achieves strongly enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty since the launch of their engomo-based app.

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Our customer says:

„Our service agents are enthusiastic about the intuitive handling of the app.“

Sigrid Reisenhofer
ERP manager, HERZOG Kälte-Klima Anlagenbau GmbH