Customized apps for field sales:

  • Identify sales potential and systematically address it
  • Support customer engagement in real-time
  • Customer data, order entries and sales data on site
  • Automated status reports, documentation on mobile devices
  • Instant access and update of data in backend systems
  • Prompt quotation processing and order management

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Possibilities with mobile CRM apps:

All customer information at fingertips

Your field staff can access customer information like contact person and contact data on the go.

Interactive, transparent customer data processing

Your field sales team can plan customer visits more effectively by optimizing sales activities in the region with engomoGeo.

Access to data on the go at ease

Field sales staffs can retrieve information like sales history, inventory, invoices, contracts and product information from your back-end systems on site.

Mobile order entry

With engomo's mobile order entry function, your field sales team can create new orders at the customer’s location on a mobile device.

Automated visit reports on site

With engomo apps, field sales staff can create visit report in less than 5 minutes online or offline anywhere, thus speed up follow-up activities by the backoffice sales people.

New contacts by scan

Staffs can capture new contacts by using engomoOCR and store them in the backend system.

Wild Beauty – A Success Story

Wild Beauty GmbH is the exclusive distributor for hair products of the U.S. premium brand Paul Mitchell in Germany. This is the successful outcome of Wild Beauty’s CRM strategy empowered by engomo:


Wild Beauty GmbH headquartered in Seeheim-Jugenheim, Germany has 40 sales-representatives who serve over 5,000 salons across Germany and Austria. Wild Beauty GmbH was not satisfied with the efficiency of the former on-site customer service, hence seeking an all-in-one customized mobile solution to provide state-of-the-art customer service for their clients.


In order to meet Wild Beauty’s need for a comprehensive mobile field sales app that could be integrated with their existing ERP and CRM systems, engomo provided the highly flexible toolkit to create a native configurable app tailored to Wild Beauty’s needs, which was fully and seamlessly integrated with all back-end systems.

The IT specialists at Wild Beauty were able to configurate a customized end-to-end mobile CRM app using engomo’s platform so that sales representatives can call up and maintain customer, product information and sales and delivery records on the move in real-time on a mobile device.


As a result, the staffs are able to streamline their work using the engomo app in the following areas:

  • Manage customer and product information on the move in real-time on iPads
  • Readily access data stored in the backend systems in the app
  • Automated new order entries and visit reports in the app
  • Secure transfer of data to the backend systems

The quality of the field sales activities has been drastically improved on the following aspects:

  • Sales representatives react to clients’ requests and inquiries faster and more accurate
  • Wild Beauty GmbH saves time and costs with real-time information on inventory and future sales activities
  • Customer satisfaction has been improved
  • Workload of staffs has been reduced

Wild Beauty’s sales representatives enjoy using the engomo app – they are freed from tedious paper works and able to do more with less work. Wild Beauty’s IT staffs are impressed by how flexible and easy to configurate engomo app is – engomo’s platform gives them the freedom to build enterprise-grade, mission-critical apps in no time.

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Our customer says:

“With engomo, the field sales team can see immediately whether a particular product is in stock and what shipments we are expecting from Paul Mitchell, U.S.A.”

Noah Wild
CEO, Wild Beauty GmbH