Benefit from these advantages of engomo warehousing apps:

  • Faster, optimized processes
  • Easy to use and yet comprehensive
  • Manage all processes with clicks of buttons
  • Cost-effective with maximum freedom in your choice of mobile device
  • Optimized and more accurate data management

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Possibilities of using mobile apps in warehousing:

Booking of goods movement via mobile app

Control every stage of your supply chain. Track and book the movement of your goods in the warehouse and shopfloor with engomo apps.

Mobile stock management

An engomo-based inventory app provides warehouse inventory management solutions for seamless stock adjustments, inventory status updates, channel specific stocking, and more within clicks of buttons.

Mobile documentation of defects and damages

Document any damaged items with engomoCam and engomoBarcode and initiate claims management workflows directly in the app.

Mobile shipping management

Manage the commissioning and shipping of goods with a customized engomo app tailored to your business needs.

Fredy's Backwaren – A Success Story

Industrial bakery Fredy's AG wanted a customized inventory app to get an all digital warehouse with no more pen and paper-based workflows.


Fredy’s Backwaren AG is the leading supplier of baked goods for food services and hotels in Switzerland. It is crucial to manage and maintain warehouse operations of the company for their goods and materials as well as to ensure customer satisfactions by delivering on time. Fredy’s Backwaren AG was looking for a mobile solution to eliminate manual data entries and at the same time to streamline its warehouse operations and improve its business efficiency.


Fredy's Backwaren AG installed engomo’s native app on touchscreen terminals located in the warehouse and production floor as well as on mobile devices used by the staff. The staffs at the warehouse can track goods movements, check stock-in and stock-out processes and any shipping issues with help of engomoBarcode and easy access to the ERP system. All inventory, shipping and product information are displayed at the terminals or on mobile devices and stored in the ERP system.


Our app provides Fredy's Backwaren AG a digital environment and enables the optimization of every operation in warehouse and production. The company gained visibility into shipments, inventory control, and asset management. Users are empowered with more flexibility, as well as real-time responsiveness. As a result, throughput, inventory visibility and accuracy are improved, and storage and handling costs are reduced.

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Our customer says:

“There is no other platform that is as easy to configurate as engomo on the market right now.”

Michael Flach
IT Director, Fredy’s AG