Industry 4.0 & Mobile Apps

The Role of Mobile Apps

Mobile apps allow manufacturers to do more with fewer people by streamlining processes and making existing workers more productive. Digitizing business processes and paper forms enables manufacturing companies to:

  • Increase worker efficiency by reducing the hours spent on each daily activity.
  • Optimize information flows with direct communication between people, machines, and systems.
  • Lower risk by eliminating data-entry mistakes and delayed access to critical data.

Mobile production apps are important parts of smart factory. They accelerate processes, provide a higher level of transparency, eliminate errors, and motivate workers with intuitive user experience.


How Mobile Apps Benefit Manufacturers:

Better data usage of

  • Inventory records
  • Production documents
  • Maintenance data
  • Equipment and machinery data
  • Production order information


Data acquisition in real-time

  • Automated production data acquisition and processing in real-time
  • Rich data collection through imagery, audio, video, etc.
  • Instant data sync between people, machinery and software


What engomo can do for manufacturers:

  • Transparency in production processes
  • Optimized resource distribution
  • Increased efficiency of production lines
  • Interconnectivity across manufacturing equipment, systems and apps
  • Paperless digital solutions

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Possibilities with mobile manufacturing apps

Manufacturing planning and work orders

engomo apps offer fast methodical support in the various stages of planning such as fine-grained order planning, resource planning, as well as manufacturing documentation.

Production tracking

Everything that happens on your shop floor is live.  With engomo apps, you can track Key Performance Indicators in real-time. At a glance, you can monitor production status, cycle time and more. You can minimize downtime by properly balancing work across stations.

Plan, track and optimize production parameters

engomo apps make production parameters and machinery settings availble and traceable on mobile devices.

Quantity and time confirmations via app

Easily trace quantities produced and production times in mobile production apps.

Resource management

engomo apps offer mobile solutions for intelligent personnel and equipment planning, as well as demand-driven workforce deployment.

Mobile solutions on smartwatch

By installing engomo apps on a smartwatch, your staff are able to get their work done still both hands free.

INGUN Prüfmittelbau – A Success Story

With the engomo app toolkit, INGUN Prüfmittelbau digitalized their production and laid the basis for further fast growth.


INGUN Prüfmittelbau GmbH is one of the leading test equipment manufacturers in Europe. INGUN needed a flexible and adaptive app platform to streamline its manufacturing, quality control and warehousing in order to keep up with the company’s growth.


Reduction of set-up time and downtimes

engomo’s app platform made it easy for the INGUN team to build custom mobile apps that capture and deliver critical production floor and warehouse data in real-time. Supported by these customized mobile apps, manufacturing teams can keep up with and fast track of manufacturing orders. As a result, more productive, accurate and reliable manufacturing processes based on the existing systems were created.


Raw material validation via app

With the engomo apps, the critical manufacturing resources are validated with the help of engomoBarcode before each production order is carried out. Production orders cannot be carried out unless each input material has been confirmed by scan. As a result, errors are eliminated, and quality costs are reduced.


Manufacturing status visualized

engomo apps provide visualizations of production KPIs and status on displays set up on the shopfloors for better management, hence it is easy to identify bottlenecks, set priorities and avoid overload.


Accessing industrial scales via app

engomo apps allow access and control of the industrial scales that are implemented at INGUN remotely via mobile devices. The measurements can then be stored and processed in the existing ERP system, for instance to create delivery documents for customer orders and to control actual part weights in comparison to the plan.


With customized manufacturing apps built in engomo’s low-code app platform, INGUN has been able to streamline its manufacturing processes, increase productivity and eliminate errors and paperwork, thus making the company ready for further expansion.

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Our customer says:

“What we like about engomo is the great flexibility – we can configure apps independently, there are no external costs for this, and we can map exactly what helps us in the functional areas."

Joachim Glass
ERP-manager, INGUN Prüfmittelbau GmbH