Put your data to work with engomo QM apps:

  • Track and update QM data anytime, anywhere
  • Share reports with customers or other teams with the click of a button
  • Real-time visibility into effectiveness across sites
  • Automatically generated reports in pre-set formats
  • All information at a glance on one device

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Possibilities with mobile apps for quality management:

Conduct inspections and enter data

With engomo, you can conduct inspections on site with built-in mobile tools like engomoCam and engomoBarcode, automatically document the results and store them in the backend systems.

Review and share data

engomo’s apps allow you to view and share automatically generated reports, fully integrated with other systems, such as QM software or ERP.

Mobile engineering drawings

engomo apps provide any drawings needed for testing and measurements to help you keep track of the dimensions and characteristics to inspect.

Scheduling inspections via app

Schedule inspection tasks with an engomo app to reach peak efficiency with automated workflow processes, quality monitoring, and real-time alerts.

GATHER Industrie GmbH – A Success Story

GATHER Industrie GmbH uses a customized mobile QM app to better fulfill its manufacturing inspection requirements.


As part of digitalization of the company, GATHER Industrie was in search of an end-to-end solution to digitalize its inspection processes, which would be easy to implement, fully integrated with its ERP, and yet would meet all the industrial requirements.


The IT system and service provider MAIT, one of engomo’s numerous implementation partners, delivered a customized inspection app that was configurated to meet GATHER Industrie’s needs.

With the engomo inspection app, the staffs are able to retrieve all relevant information on an item to be inspected from their abas ERP system as well as view engineering drawings with the dimensions and characteristics on a mobile device.

The mobile app is also able to display oscillograms of pressure amplitudes measured using an oscilloscope that is directly connected to the app. The inspection reports can be automatically generated and together with other collected data stored in abas ERP.


engomo’s inspection app enables the inspection team at GATHER Industrie to collect information faster with less errors, generate reports within seconds and collect all the data in their backend ERP without manual paperwork.

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Our customer says:

„The app is a pragmatic, mobile and cost-effective solution. Above all, the digital and automated integration with our ERP system provided an essential gain in efficiency."

Dr. Thomas Brendecke
CEO, GATHER Industrie GmbH